Why Choose DropTech Test Kit

Why Choose DropTech Test Kit

10 Reasons to choose DropTech rapid COVID-19 antigen detection test

Rapid COVID-19 antigen detection tests are used in situations where a fast-reliable test results are needed. DropTech is a point-of-care test that ticks all the boxes. It is the size of a pregnancy test and as easy to use. The test is packed with technology for consistent accurate results.

Research and Development

DropTech is manufactured by Promoitalia in Milan, Italy. Promoitalia Diagnostic Division worked tirelessly to develop best scientific innovations and testing capabilities in the race against the current coronavirus pandemic. PK Medica experts teamed up with Promoitalia to ensure that DropTech can provide COVID-19 testing of the highest standard.

Researchers identified real life test sensitivity to be related to the number of high quality antibodies in the test cassette. Antibodies accurately cloned and stabilised on a layer of nano-gold matrix gives best test performance. To preserve the integrity of the delicate reactive compounds, Promoitalia hermetically seal the test cassette preserving accurate test results for two years.

DropTech Test Contents

Many test manufacturers cut costs by presenting their buffer solution in a large bottle serving many tests. This poses problems on many levels. When dealing with highly infectious contagion like SARS-CoV-2 risk of cross contamination when handling the same reagent bottle time after time between patients is unacceptably high. DropTech addressed cross infection risk by supplying individually sealed single use reagent bottles containing enough buffer solution for each test.

DropTech Test Flexibility

Often, there will be a need to test a small handful of patients in any one given day or week. When a large buffer solution bottle is opened, enzymes within it start to oxidize rapidly. This oxidation process is inevitable. There is a higher risk of inaccurate results when the reagent is not used when “fresh”. This may be one of the biggest contributors to false negative results seen despite high sensitivity claims by manufacturers. For maximum test validity, DropTech reagent bottles are sealed in optimal condition and “cracked” open immediately prior to testing, ensuring maximum test performance.

Single DropTech Test Presentation

DropTech is presented in either a box of twenty tests or if desired individual packed tests. Each single test pack contains all necessary tools needed to successfully complete a single coronavirus rapid antigen test. The pack is sterile and ready to perform the test. It is presented in a see-through package for ready inspection of contents prior to test administration. Each test comes with a special flocked pharyngeal swab, reagent, mixing tube, dropper and a hermetically sealed reaction cassette.

Instruction for using DropTech

PK Medica is dedicated to safe accurate performance of DropTech rapid antigen detection tests. Each order shipped includes CE approved instructions for use (IFU) leaflet. To go the extra mile, PK Medica published an online downloadable resources section on our website. This section includes useful to view or download, jargon free instruction for use files. To help you with your pre-testing protocol we also published a pre-test checklist sheet and instructions of what to do when a patient tests positive. PK Medical also included links and a video demonstrating how to perform the test.


We offer flexible quantity and an attractive price strategy – the more you buy, the cheaper it is per test kit. Whether you want one or two tests or want to buy a bulk order we are here to help you set up a safe cost-effective testing strategy.


Other tests are mass produced in unregulated manufacturing laboratories. Although CE certified they are not ISO approved. DropTech is manufactured in a high-quality laboratory in Milan, Italy. The manufacturing facility is a European ISO13485 certified facility. For support and technical queries DropTech advisory board comprises medical professionals with informed knowledge of real life use as well as research and development chief pharmacist and microbiologists.

DropTech Test Sensitivity

Real life unbiased sensitivity of over 92% exceeds WHO recommended 80% figures. Sensitivity and specificity figures are accurate from the second day of exposure, well before any symptoms develop. Real life test sensitivity is not only controlled by the actual test, but also its ease of use, stability of the reagent, test protocol and operator competency. Unlike other tests, DropTech is user friendly to administer where it accepts swab samples both oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal areas.

DropTech Support

Unlike other commercially available tests, PK Medica is backed Irish medical doctors on our advisory board. Our medical advisors are a phone call away and are available to offer assistance not just on test clinical performance but also on setting up a safe effective testing protocol and real-life applications, in guidance with Irish government guidelines.

Easy to perform

DropTech results are easy to read with clear test results displayed in two striking colours red and black on a clear white background. Clarity that helps eliminate user error for confident interpretation.

Trusted partnership

DropTech test kit is already in use by medical clinics in Ireland, ambulance service in Italy and approved by their Ministry of Health for use in local airports. DropTech is trusted by the film director’s union in Rome.

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