COVID-19 test suitability

COVID-19 test suitability in workplace settings, when quick identification of whether a person is a carrier of the SARS-COV-2 virus is required, DropTech Rapid Antigen Detection Test (RADT) becomes an essential tool. With industry-leading accuracy and sensitivity of more than 92%, the test identifies the actual presence of the virus in comparison to antibody-measuring tests that can only detect if a person has had an immune reaction to the virus – a less meaningful measure of past infection. 

The current gold-standard test is real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR), a molecular test that requires a complex, arduous  laboratory process and skilled technicians. This takes at least 24-48 hours for results, a time-delay that may not be practical in many situations. Furthermore, the high sensitivity of rRT-PCR means that a positive result may still occur weeks after transmission when the person is no longer infectious. 

Rapid antigen tests like DropTech are quick. COVID-19 test suitability is in its simple, and inexpensive features compared to rRT-PCR, and is ideal in situations when a rapid result is desirable. A true-positive RADT result is also more indicative of a high viral load (a measure of infectiousness) even before the patient develops symptoms. 

COVID-19 test in the workplace
Crowded workplace and COVID-19

Who is DropTech COVID test Suitable for?

DropTech RADT is designed to identify asymptomatic carriers and “super spreaders” of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. When utilised correctly, it is an invaluable tool to help protect the community, workplace, and vulnerable people in areas where close person-to-person contact is required.

There are many potential COVID-19 test suitability benefits to using Rapid Antigen Detection Testing (RADT) DropTech in Ireland.

COVID-19 test suitable for

Nursing home COVID-19 rapid antigen test

Regular testing in individuals who work in high-risk environments such as nursing homes and factories, or who work in the home care industry.

Workplace covid-19 rapid antigen test

COVID-19 test suitability for Companies such as construction, retail or software and data centers that require a physical presence.

Rapid antigen test DropTech quick COVID-19 detection suitability in private hospitals or clinic and healthcare facilities

Screening in private healthcare settings and clinics prior to elective procedures,  and testing where physical distancing is not possible.

Swab test for COVI-19 using DropTech rapid antigen test

Confirming positive cases when an outbreak has occurred in a closed environment such as nursing homes and schools.

Schools and colleges test for COVID-19

Repeat testing of essential staff such as healthcare workers and teachers prior to returning to work after a confirmed infection

Meat processing plant testing for COVID-19

Testing at companies who provide housing for their employees, particularly when physical distancing  at the workplace is challenging.

COVID-19 rapid antigen test

Rapid testing in circumstances where molecular testing such as rRT-PCR is not readily available or when a delay would preclude clinical utility.